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CGB Pac-12 Week 13 Power Rankings

Oregon doesn't care about the Rose Bowl, which is good, because they should enjoy the Holiday Bowl just fine.

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ragnarok: I think I'll just start by restating my comment re: Cal from last week:

This feels like rock bottom. Unless Stanford drops 60 on the Bears next weekend. In which case that will be rock bottom, right?

Nick Kranz: While Oregon loses to hand Stanford the North Division title in the process?

Sam Fielder: Cal Football: You only think you've hit rock bottom!

TwistNHook: go sun devils!!!!

1. Arizona State (up two spots)

atomsareenough: The Sun Devils get the top spot this week for having only 1 conference loss so far, with their rivalry game against Arizona next. I think they're guaranteed a berth in the conference championship game though, because even if they lose to the Wildcats, they still hold the Pac-12 South tiebreakers against both UCLA and USC.

ragnarok: Correct, ASU has already clinched the Pac-12 South. Now, they're just a Territorial Cup victory away from hosting the Pac-12 Title Game.

Nick Kranz: For God's sake, don't lose to Arizona and hand Stanford home field advantage.

Berkelium97: Good Kelly is back and that D-line looked beastly on Saturday. Have they improved enough to defeat furd in a rematch?

Sam Fielder: Ok, I'm back and will now root for ASU the rest of the way. In two weeks WE ARE ALL SUN DEVILS!

2. Stanford (up two spots)

Berkelium97: I'm still not convinced they have a good offense.

Sam Fielder: I have no idea how good this team actually is, but scoring 63 points is unfortunately good enough for the #1 spot. (I'll be back in 10 minutes after I go shower after making them #1).

atomsareenough: Alas, thanks to Oregon's hubris and Cal's impotence, the Cardinal will be Pac-12 North representative in the conference title game. Arizona State is now the only thing standing in the way of another 'furd Rose Bowl. I hope the Sun Devils are improved enough to win the re-match, but I'm not particularly optimistic about it. Sigh. Furd is #2 for me.

Nick Kranz: I get that ASU has the better conference record, but Stanford CRUSHED ASU, and that means something. Stanford is the best team in this conference, and I doubt they will lose to Notre Dame like the Sun Devils did.

ragnarok: Go Sun Devils!

3. USC (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: Is it bad that I'm actually hoping they hire Orgeron full time? He's done a great job this season but I don't think he's the long-term solution here...which means I'M ALL IN!

atomsareenough: Unsurprisingly, USC pounded Colorado. The Buffs still are pretty terrible, remember, even though they blew Cal out. This Trojan team we were laughing at as recently as mid-October is now 9-3 and sitting at #3 on my ballot.

ragnarok: That USC beat Colorado by less than Stanford beat Cal doesn't mean much, especially given Colorado's blowout of Cal the previous weekend. I have the Trojans at #2.

4. UCLA (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: They are definitely on the upswing and playing well, and ultimately came up just short of ASU.

atomsareenough: I still think the Bruins are a good team, but let's also remember how young they are. A close loss against a good ASU team hurts, as it keeps them from the championship game and the Rose Bowl, but they should still be up for their rivalry game against USC, which promises to be quite entertaining. I have the Bruins at #5 this week.

ragnarok: Dug themselves a big early hole vs. ASU, then almost climbed all the way out. Going into the weekend, I was hoping they would win, only to lose the Pac-12 title to Oregon, because it would amuse me if the Bruins could become the 90's Buffalo Bills of the Pac-12.

Nick Kranz: I guess I was wrong about UCLA being the best team in the South? At least it was a close game.

5. Washington (up one spot)

Berkelium97: ...well that was unexpected.

Sam Fielder: Since they won this week, I'm just going to assume WSU beats them next week for the 7-5 trifecta.

atomsareenough: The Huskies have hit their magic number with their 7th win of the season. They'll have two opportunities to surpass it now. Will they overlook their in-state rivals in the Apple Cup, or will the same focused team that just annihilated Oregon State in Corvallis be ready and waiting for the Cougars? Somehow I don't think they'll be able to get 9+ yards per carry against Wazzu, though.

6. Arizona (up four spots)

Berkelium97: Losing to Wazzu and bouncing back with a 26-point win over Oregon is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen in college football.

Sam Fielder: How is it that they played so close with Cal?

atomsareenough: I should probably have the Wildcats higher than #6 for completely throttling Oregon in a way nobody has done in ages. However, I still don't think Arizona is that great. The Ducks seem to have stopped caring since their national championship hopes were ended, and Mariota seems pretty clearly to be hobbled. Kudos to the Wildcats for playing their best game of the season though.

ragnarok: Well, I didn't expect that at ALL. Three weeks ago, this team almost lost at Cal, last week did lose to Washington State at home, and then they go and do *that* to Oregon?

7. Washington State (up one spot)

Berkelium97: BOWL ELIGIBLE

Sam Fielder: Can we look to them for inspiration? (I might need to take another shower)

Nick Kranz: Leach provides hope for Cal fans disillusioned with the Air Raid offense.

atomsareenough: Hearty congratulations to the long-suffering Cougs for achieving bowl eligibility! I knew you guys could do it. Now please beat Washington next week. Wazzu is #8 on my ballot.

ragnarok: An Apple Cup with both teams already qualified for the postseason? That hasn't happened all that often, has it?

8. Oregon (down seven spots)

Berkelium97: "I don't want to play in a Rose Bowl unless I'm playing for a national championship" - Josh Huff

"It's not a big deal at all" - De'Anthony Thomas on the Rose Bowl

ragnarok: It's a good thing Oregon players don't care about the Rose Bowl...

Sam Fielder: Cal was embarrassing this past weekend, but not as embarrassing as Oregon. I'm putting them at 22 for not wanting to play in the Rose Bowl and then going out and doing all but light the field on fire to ensure they didn't.

atomsareenough: HAH, that's what you get when your players suddenly think they're too good for the Rose Bowl. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for the Quacks. A fired up but still mediocre Arizona team gave them a healthy dose of well-deserved comeuppance. Hopefully the Cardinal are next in line. Anyway, Ducks drop to #4. Tsk, tsk.

Nick Kranz: Truly head-scratching loss.

9. Oregon State (down two spots)

Berkelium97: Mike Riley may be back on the hot seat.

Nick Kranz: Any explanation for that monstrosity against Washington?

Sam Fielder: The wheels are officially off.

atomsareenough: How did the wheels completely come off for Mike Riley and the Beavers? Seriously, how could you get so completely run over by a middling Washington team?? The Beavers were down 62-6 before scoring some late garbage-time TDs. I'd say they lost even worse than Cal lost in the Big Game, which is quite a feat. They're liable to be facing a pissed-off Ducks team in the Civil War game this week as well. Oh well, at least the Beavers have a bowl game to look forward to. They fall to #10 for me.

10. Utah (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: A feisty team, but just short on manpower.

Berkelium97: Whittingham needs to beat Colorado next week to save his job.

atomsareenough: The Utes lose their shot at bowl eligibility by falling short against Wazzu. Unlike Berkelium, I don't think Wittingham will be fired, even if he loses to Colorado. He's a good coach with a proven track record. It's been a difficult transition to a power conference, and he's had some difficult circumstances this year, but he's also had some high points, such as beating Stanford. The Utes will improve.

ragnarok: When I look back, it's a little shocking that Utah's win over Stanford was their only conference win this season.

11. Colorado (holding steady)

ragnarok: In fact, the Mountain schools are 2-0 hosting the Bay Area schools this year, and 0-14 vs. everyone else in the conference.

Sam Fielder: Won the 4th quarter vs SC to make it respectable.

atomsareenough: Yup, they're still terrible. Not as bad as Cal though, of course. The Buffs hang onto #11.

Nick Kranz: Cal fans must learn from the patience of Wazzu and Colorado fans. Climbing out of a 10 mile pit of despair takes time.

12. California (holding steady)

ragnarok: Oh man, I sure picked the wrong season to give up drinking…

atomsareenough: ...Is it over yet? Oh, yes, thankfully. *PHEW*, what a relief. Can we never speak of this season again? Please?

Berkelium97: I AM SO GLAD IT'S OVER

Sam Fielder: I'm voting us at number 15 after the Big Game performance. That was embarrassing on all levels.