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Golden Nuggets: Dykes on rebuilding, plans, and the Goff/Kline saga

Head Coach Sonny Dykes is focused on what needs to be done to continue building this program, discussing his future plans for recruits, his coaches, and quarterbacks Jared Goff and Zach Kline.

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Sonny Dykes and his team aren't looking to spend any time wallowing after the abysmal 2013 season, which includes recruiting and building the program with the coaching staff and players that Dykes believes in.

Dykes said he won't make changes to his coaching staff merely to appease frustrated fans or send a message to recruits.

Dykes gave defensive coordinator Andy Buh a vote of confidence for the second straight week after a season in which the Bears allowed a record 45.9 points per game but also played much of the schedule without five would-be defensive starters.

"If you did things for appearances, all you would do is try to win today," Dykes said. "Building a program is about doing things the right way over the long term. In coaching, it's funny how you get dumb really fast, then how guys get smart again really fast."

Dykes stated he was openly critical of the players in the locker room due to their recent performance (which isn't entirely shocking based on his comments in the press conference after the Big Game). Moving forward, the team plans to hold off on spring practice until after spring break to maximize the number of inured players who will be able to finally play; Cal counts that injuries caused the players on the two-deep to miss 138 games; Jeff Faraudo calculated 73 games missed by projected starters.

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