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This week in the Pac-12: Oregon is dead to me

Technically speaking, there are two more weeks of football left. I will not be thinking deeply about them.

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And you only had to do one of those two jobs. Either beat Stanford, or not lose to the same Arizona team that Cal almost beat. And you failed. And now Stanford is one home win over Arizona State from the Rose Bowl.

Thanks Oregon. Thanks a ton.

This Week in Football

Arizona 42, Oregon 16

It's hard for me to conceive of a world in which a team coached by Richard Rodriguez holds Oregon to 16 points.

Arizona State 38, UCLA 33

Seriously though, Arizona State's performance against Stanford has to stand out as one of the top five most anomalous performances of the season, right? Or am I just trying to convince myself that ASU will beat Stanford in Palo Alto this time?

Washington State 49, Utah 37

Leach's Air Raid has gotten better. It's been a slow, painful, non-linear improvement, but it's still there. Anybody who says that Sonny Dykes runs an offense that is a gimmick and that it's doomed to never work at Cal is wrong. Or at the very least, speaking with a level of certainty one can never actually have. AND I'M 100% SURE I'M RIGHT ABOUT THIS!

Washington 69, Oregon State 27

And Cyler Miles led Washington to 69 points. What in the what happened to Mike Riley and the Beavers in this game? Can there possibly be a logical explanation beyond Sark dabbling in witchcraft and voodoo?

USC 47, Colorado 29

Hey, Colorado was reasonably competitive against USC. Maybe Cal's loss in Boulder wasn't so bad!

Next Week in Football


Washington State at Washington, 12:30, Fox
Oregon State at Oregon, 4:00, Fox Sports 1


Colorado at Utah, 11:00, Pac-12 Network
Notre Dame at Stanford, 4:00, Fox
UCLA at USC, 5:00, ABC
Arizona at Arizona State, 6:30, Pac-12 Networks

Hooray! It's rivalry week, except we're missing one rivalry and none of the games matter because the Pac-12 title game is entirely set in stone! Hooray! I won't watch a single second of any of these games if I can possibly avoid it.

Unless Wazzu beats Washington. That would be spectacular.

This Week in Basketball

Good Wins

Arizona State 86, UNLV 80
Colorado 70, Harvard 62

I'm hesitant to call UNLV a good win because the Rebels are significantly depleted from last year. But it's a road win in the Mountain West, and that has value. And in terms of prestige for the league, having Jahii Carson go aboslutely bonkers on TV in primetime is valuable, even if it was a game that ASU thinks they should win.

We Cal fans know that Harvard is a solid team, but it was still surprising how bad Colorado looked for 30 minutes before going on a huge run to turn a 14 point deficit into an 8 point win. The Buffs will just have stretches all season where they can't get good looks or baskets. Hopefully against Cal.

Bad Losses

TCU 64, Washington State 62

TCU was probably the worst major conference team in the nation last year, and had already lost to Longwood at home. I obsess over college basketball, and had never heard of (the university of?) Longwood before. You shouldn't lose home games to TCU, I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Pac-12 hoops is looking pretty solid outside of the state of Washington.

Missed Opportunities

Gonzaga 90, Washington State 74
Indiana 102, Washington 84
Boston College 89, Washington 78

None of these games are at all surprising. Nobody expects Washington State to stay with Gonzaga, particularly on the road. That said, it's startling to see just how bad Washington's defense is. The Huskies can't force turnovers, they can't rebound well, and they're fouling too much. But mostly, they give up easy shots. Lots and lots of them. Opponents are shooting 57.3% on two point shots. There are probably three more losses on Washington's schedule before conference play even begins.

Expected Wins

Colorado 93, Arkansas State 70
Arizona 100, Fairleigh Dickinson 50
UCLA 86, Sacramento State 50
Oregon 69, Utah Valley 54
Arizona 87, Rhode Island 59
USC 76, CS Fullerton 62
Utah 79, Grand Canyon 54
Colorado 76, UC Santa Barbara 68
Stanford 97, Texas Southern 71
USC 73, West Alabama 57
Utah 84, Lamar 57
Arizona State 70, Bradley 58
UCLA 81, Morehead State 70
Utah 71, Savannah State 57
Oregon 100, USF 82
UCLA 106, Chattanooga 65

My goodness did the Pac-12 play a lot of bad teams this week. The good news is that they won 16 of 17, and collectively the conference has a record of 48-9, with the majority of those losses coming against legitimate competition. But it's hard to ignore the fact that the strength of schedule for most teams is very weak at the moment. That will change big time next week.

Next Week in Basketball


Arkansas vs. California, Noon, ESPN2
Marquette at Arizona State, 6:00, Fox Sports 1
Stanford vs Houston, 6:30, ESPN2


Cal vs. Syracuse/Minnesota, TBD, ESPN networks
Stanford vs. Pittsburgh/Texas Tech, TBD, ESPN networks
Montana at Washingon, 6:00, Pac-12 Network
SIU Edwardsville at Oregon State, 8:00, Pac-12 Network


Cal vs. Gonzaga/Baylor/Dayton/Chaminade, TBD, ESPN networks
Arizona vs. Drexel, 4:00, ESPNU, Pre-season NIT
Ball State at Utah, 7:00, Pac-12 Networks


Arizona vs. TBD, Pre-season NIT
USC vs. Villanova, 10:00 am, AXS, Battle 4 Atlantis
Butler vs. Washington State, 11:00 am, ESPN2, Old Spice Classic
Nevada vs. UCLA, 4:30, ESPN3
Arizona State vs. Creighton, 8:00, ESPN2, Wooden Legacy


Arizona vs. Alabama/Duke, TBD, Pre-season NIT
Arizona State vs. San Diego State/Charleston, TBD, Wooden Legacy
Washington State vs. Purdue/Oklahoma St, TBD, Old Spice Classic
USC vs. Kansas/Wake Forest, TBD, Battle 4 Atlantis
Pacific vs. Oregon, noon, Pac-12 Network
Northwestern vs. UCLA, 8:30, ESPN2


Arizona State vs. TBD, Wooden Legacy
Washington State vs. TBD, Old Spice Classic
USC vs. TBD, Battle 4 Atlantis
Long Beach State vs. Washington, TBD
Colorado vs. Air Force, 1:00
North Dakota vs. Oregon, 3:30, Pac-12 Network


Oregon State at DePaul, 1:00, Fox Sports 1
South Dakota State at Stanford, 5:00, Pac-12 Network
Cal Poly at Oregon, 7:00, Pac-12 Network

OK, that took forever to compile. Look at all of those great teams. Creighton, Marquette, Syracuse, Villanova, Kansas, Duke. Granted, the Pac-12 might not end up facing all of those teams. But regardless, the non-conference reputation of each team and the conference as a whole gets written over Thanksgiving. Best of luck, everybody.