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Cal Football: End-of-Season Press Conference with Sonny Dykes

On Monday afternoon, the local media attended an informal end-of-season group interview with Coach Dykes. Here are some selected quotes & tweets; a more complete transcript may follow.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As of Monday, no decisions regarding staff changes or roster personnel have been made:

In his report this afternoon, CC Times' Jeff Faraudo provided the following details:

Acknowledging his debut season "wasn’t much of a honeymoon," Cal football coach Sonny Dykes said the process of trying to get better after an historically bad 1-11 season already is under way.

End-of-season interviews with players began Monday and coaches will be on the road recruiting starting next Monday.

[...] Dykes said he won’t make changes to his coaching staff merely to appease frustrated fans.

Dykes gave defensive coordinator Andy Buh a vote of confidence for the second straight week following a season in which the Bears allowed a record 45.9 points per game [...]

"If you did things for appearances, all you would do is try to win today," Dykes said. "Building a program is about doing things the right way over a long term. [...]"

Buh has a three-year contract which guarantees him his salary for all three if he’s fired without cause [...]

Asked if finances would allow him to make changes he deems necessary, Dykes said, "I would think so."

* * *

CGB was also present to take notes, and here are some of the statements/responses:

[Disclaimer: cannot ensure at this time that all transcribed quotes are 100% accurate; will edit as necessary if a more complete transcript becomes available]

- Regarding the program overall:

- Regarding youth & depth:

- Regarding injured defensive players:

- Regarding possible coaching changes:

- Regarding his confidence level:

- Regarding injuries & youth:

- Regarding Zach Kline's status:

- Regarding message to team after the Big Game:

- Regarding Goff's development:

- Regarding DC Andy Buh:

- Regarding the plan going forward:

Check back later for possible updates, including [potentially] a more complete transcript.