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Golden Nuggets: 116th Big Game is record-breakingly bad

2013 will go down as one of the worst seasons in the history of Cal football.

Ezra Shaw

It was ugly. If you watched the 116th Big Game, then you know that it was ugly.

Stanfurd decided to run up the score, resulting in some new Big Game records.

QB Kevin Hogan and WR Ty Montgomery also had record-breaking performances. It was good enough for one Furd reporter to call it the "best day in program history." It was just a perfectly fitting day to end a terrible season.

Cal legend Joe Kapp was on hand to witness the nightmare:

The post-game press conference was as somber as one would expect after this kind of performance. QB Jared Goff gave a minor update to an injury suffered at the hands of LB Shayne Skov, who probably should have been ejected for targeting during an earlier hit.

This was the last game for LB Lucas King, who grew up in Berkeley and rooting for the hometown team, but was never able to win the Axe. Nonetheless, he is trying hard to find the silver golden linings in life.

This season has taken its toll on Coach Sonny Dykes and it shows.

As previously mentioned, Goff was taken out of the game due to injury, resulting in Zach Kline stepping in, but Dykes plainly stated he wasn't impressed by the substitute's performance in a harsh piece of criticism.

Kline reiterated his uncertainty about where he'll find himself in the future.

Videos of the interviews by Dykes, Kline, and King are available online.

That game (and this season) sucked, but don't forget to support this whole school and all the other great programs going on! GO BEARS!

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