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Cal football graduation rate & APR scores improve

Some more good news!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a rough fall at Strawberry Canyon.  However, we do have more good news to discuss today (on top of our discussion of the Chronicle's article from earlier today).  The dismal academic numbers from before have shown marked increase:

The latest data provided by the NCAA for the Cal football program indicate the effort is bearing fruit, as seen in two key metrics that measure academic performance, the Graduation Success Rate (GSR) and the Academic Progress Rate (APR). The earlier, four-year figures showed that Cal’s football team had a GSR of 44 percent. Now, however, the NCAA reports that the GSR for football players admitted to Berkeley in 2007 has risen to an estimated 65 percent, an increase of almost 50 percent.

The new, estimated APR, which, unlike the GSR, measures real-time academic performance and student-athlete retention, also shows marked improvement. While the football team scored a substandard 923 APR a year ago, the latest estimate for this year’s rate is 969 – a rate which, if sustained, would result in a graduation rate of about 85 percent. (The NCAA will release final, audited numbers in the spring. Cal athletics officials say they don’t anticipate changes to the current estimates.)

Just to recap, the numbers before were for GSR (for players from 2003-2006) was 44%.  For those in 2007, it was 65%.  That shows graduation rates.

Also, the APR (which is a real time number showing current academic performance and not one that lags like GSR) has increased from 923-969.  This is all very promising.  We'll have more to discuss regarding academics, the Chronicle article, and Sandy's role in all this in the off-season.  But for now, REJOICE!