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Golden Nuggets: Is anyone picking Cal in the Big Game?

Who would dare pick 31.5-point underdogs?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's the Big Game, which means anything can happen and 31.5-point underdogs can pull off the upset, right? Not according to the experts...

Gemmell: The Bears are a Big Game-record 31½-point underdogs. Stanford is angry and bitter about letting the division slip away. Cal fans should be embracing the mantra that anything can happen in a rivalry game because it can. But it won't. Stanford 38, California 17

Miller: The good news, Cal fans, is the schedule gives you a much-needed bye next week. That way you can rest up and get healthy and refocused for ... Oh. Well, it might even be better news that the season will be over. Stanford 40, California 13

Athlon Sports calls this the "least appealing contest" in the Pac-12 this weekend, with predictions for Cal's score as high as 13 points and as low as one measly field goal.

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  • Highlights from Cal's win over Southern Utah




  • ESPN celebrated the greatest moment in college football history

  • We're at an all-time low in Deadspin's all-team rankings, performing so badly we warranted a written blurb from them about how far we've fallen
Week Cal's rank
Preseason 88
1 65
2 74
3 79
4 76
5 81
6 77
7 86
8 92
9 93
10 100
11 95
13 102

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