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VIDEO: Kenny Lawler had a ridiculous game, with a one-handed touchdown catch

Maurice Harris has competition for catch of the year.

Cal lost to Arizona, but possibly found themselves yet another star wide receiver to line outside and make big plays. Kenny Lawler hasn't had a big season up to this point (16 catches on the season, six coming against Ohio State), but with Arizona focusing their attention on Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper, Lawler managed to have himself a game. Lawler led the team with six catches and 72 yards, including three touchdown catches.

The catch above is right up there with Maurice Harris's one-handed snag, as it helped put Cal right back into the thick of things. In fact, all three of Lawler's touchdowns helped cut Cal's deficit from two scores to one and put the Bears right back in the thick of things.

Here's his first touchdown.

Here's his third touchdown.

The development of Lawler adds yet another weapon to the Bear Raid. His ability to line on the outside should give more ability to place Chris Harper everywhere on the field while limiting the involvement of the ineffective Brendan Bigelow. Cal just has to find a win somewhere.