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How do Cal fans feel about the Sonny Dykes hire now?

The mood is less than optimistic with the Bears headed for their worst season in over a decade.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Fill in the blank: Based on Year 1, my overall mood for the Sonny Dykes era is __________ because _____________.

LeonPowe: Based on Year 1, my overall mood for the Sonny Dykes era is disappointed because even though I didn't have high hopes for the year AND with all the injury issues, I would've wanted, at a minimum, some improvement from game to game. Let's leave out the defense since we're down to walk-ons - but the offense hasn't improved very much if at all from Northwestern. That's disappointing. I didn't really care about wins and losses, but I did want to see improvement (okay, and wins).

Berkelium97: bleak because we cannot afford to fire the coordinator responsible for the worst defense in school history.

Nick Kranz: Based on Year 1, my overall mood for the Sonny Dykes era is depressed because I was fully on board with the decision to hire Coach Dykes, but I'm worried that the 2013 season may prematurely taint his tenure.

There are extenuating circumstances to explain why Cal was so bad this season. But the fact remains that Cal is 1-11, and that their performances fully justified that record. And when you take a look at the type of coaches that have teams this bad, the long term record is universally dismal. Tyrone Willingham, Paul Wulff, Buddy Teevens, Jon Embree. I'm worried that Coach Dykes will end up in that category. Not necessarily because he's a coach on the level of the previous group, but because bad football can reproduce itself in a negative feedback cycle. Recruiting, fan support, player confidence, all of those factors suffer tremendously from a year as bad as this one, and it is going to take an incredible amount of effort from the coaching staff and players on the roster to turn things around.