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Golden Nuggets: The "character test" for Treggs et al. and Big Game memories

WR Bryce Treggs discusses the hardships of his Cal career and more quotes from the Big Game press conference.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

For all us fans who think these recent seasons have been difficult, imagine how much harder it must be for our Golden Bears, like WR Bryce Treggs, who are giving everything they can to improve individually and as a team.

One of the issues causing the biggest headaches for the fans is the defense, particularly Defensive Coordinator Andy Buh; Head Coach Sonny Dykes gave his thoughts on Buh's performance:

On the other hand, he was a little less pleased with and a little more critical of the performance of his players:

No matter how mightily the team has struggled, Big Game week always means excitement on campus and the possibility of a shocking upset.

Our Bears gave the following history lessons about their personal experiences with the Big Game. Up first is the Bear Raid Commander, Dykes, who gives some insight about the perception of the Big Game from a perspective outside the Bay Area:

Treggs, whose Cal history runs deep thanks to his father, WR Brian Treggs, added:

Lastly, LB Michael Barton discussed one of the greatest moment in recent Big Games, which affected him as a young high school player considering his college choices.

David Shaw, head coach of the vile Stanfurd Cardinal, is also a big fan of the 2009 Big Game.

Here you go, Coach Shaw, a friendly little reminder of one of your favorite Big Game memories:




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