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Golden Nuggets: Tweets from that painful game; athletics admission scandal?

How much rage from the Colorado game can you fit into 140 characters? Would you believe student-athletes are accepted with different standards?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The SFGate is cooking up some controversy by reporting on the admission standards for students of the high-profit sports like football and men's basketball.

The admission of academically challenged student athletes coincides with skyrocketing achievement among other applicants to Cal. The school is so academically competitive that this year Cal rejected 4 of every 5 applicants. Of the record 67,665 freshman applications, Cal admitted 14,103.


"Can a student with this profile truly maximize the UC Berkeley experience? It seems this question has not been taken seriously," say the report's authors.

Also, there were some notable tweets that came out during the game.

Up first, a conversation between two former Cal players, DB Josh Hill and DL Ernest Owusu.

Trevor Guyton, who often lined up opposite Owusu at Cal and with the Minnesota Vikings, had the following reaction:

And lastly, two tweets that probably do a good job of capturing the feelings of the Cal faithful.

Men's Water Polo

Women's Tennis

Cross Country

Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball

Women's Soccer


Men's Gymnastics

Football (sigh)