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Cal vs. Colorado Pregame Open Thread

The last time Cal visited Boulder, the Bears managed to get out of town with an exciting overtime victory. Can history repeat?

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2:30 PM PT, Pac-12 Networks


I was thinking of a catchy way to describe today's game between Cal and Colorado. Sure, there are mean spirited, cliche descriptions like "Toilet Bowl" or "Because The Schedule Says You Have To." But I don't like those. So how about this?

The last best chance at victory.

This may be an accurate description of the game for both teams. Cal comes into the game winless in Pac-12 play, winless against FBS opponents, and carrying the albatross of an eight-game losing streak. Meanwhile, Colorado has three wins this season (vs. Colorado State, Central Arkansas, and Charleston Southern) but is winless in Pac-12 play. Cal's only remaining game after today is the Big Game against 4th-ranked Stanford. Colorado has games remaining against USC at home, at Utah, and Fresno State at home (a game postponed earlier this season due to the catastrophic flooding in Boulder). With those remaining games, it's not a stretch to say that today is "the last best chance at victory" for both teams.

Neither team has been consistently competitive in its conference games this season. As we are painfully aware, the Bears have lost their seven Pac-12 games by scores of 55-16, 44-22, 37-10, 49-17, 41-17, 33-28, and 62-28. If anything Colorado has been even less competitive in its Pac-12 games. The Buffs have lost their conference contests by scores of 44-17, 57-16, 54-13, 44-20, 45-23, and 59-7. Do with that information what you wish.

In September 2011, Cal defeated Colorado 36-33 in overtime the last time these teams met.

This is your pregame open thread. Warm up for the game here. Watch for the link to the first quarter thread as kickoff draws near.