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Cal vs. Colorado: First looks at the worst Pac-12 game of the season

Who will stay out of the Pac-12 cellar? (PS: Ralphie deserves better than this.)

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So what are your early thoughts on the Pac-12 Toilet Bowl between Cal and Colorado? Who will flush first?

Ruey Yen: By flush, do you mean making a major mistake? I am expecting a really ugly game with lots of missed tackles and possibly fumbles. I think it would be such an ugly game that Sonny Dykes would bury the tapes of his first Pac-12 victory after the game.

Vlad Belo: I wish this game was at home because I'd feel much better about the Bears' chances. Both teams will view this game as as their best (if not only) chance to pick up a conference victory. So the teams should be highly motivated to play hard and win. Cal is in a tough spot, however, with having to go on the road and play this one, in possibly cold weather with an injured and inexperienced team. Plus, I'm still having flashbacks to Paul Richardson torching the Cal secondary two years ago -- a better Cal secondary than the one Cal has now.

I will sunshine pump. Cal will win a highly competitive game in overtime. Cal will convert an improbable 2nd and 30 on a pass from Zach Maynard Jared Goff to Keenan Allen Kenny Lawler. Then Maynard Goff will throw a fade to Allen Lawler for the winning touchdown to stun the Boulder crowd.

atomsareenough: I don't know who's going to win this game. They are two very, very bad teams. I think Cal more desperately needs the win, so I hope our guys come out with some fire and resolve and play their hearts out. I also feel like, even with the injuries, we're the more talented team, especially on offense. So we should be able to outscore them, in theory. But who knows at this point. I can imagine Cal winning in a blowout, Cal losing in a blowout, or anything in between. This is clearly our best chance for an FBS win all season though, so I hope we seize the opportunity.

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