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Cal football: What are you expecting from Bear Raid 2014?

With this season looking pretty lost, who,

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With 2013 wrapping up and this team looking like it'll finish with one or two wins, what are your expectations for 2014? What will constitute acceptable improvement from Sonny's Bears?

Nam Le: Bowl. Game.

Ruey Yen: Being competitive in almost all of the games until the 4th quarter. The Northwestern game, in retrospect, was the highlight of the season despite the negative result. We all came out of that game with hopes that proved to be false. If we allow Sonny Dykes to take some baby steps, that would be being competitive in every game next year (2014) and then being bowl eligible the following year (2015).

Vlad Belo: I am not expecting anything earth-shattering from the Bears next year. I would like to see improvement as a team, especially on the defensive side of the ball. We need to win some games -- not necessarily get to a bowl game because I know rebuilding is a tough thing, but I would like to see this team get four or five wins in 2014.

atomsareenough: No more blowouts. I want to see the defense take a big step forward next year with healthy players. Otherwise, Buh needs to be shown the door. I wouldn't be upset if he were gone after this year, but I somehow don't think it's likely. I also want to see a run game. Win-wise, I'd like to see a bowl team obviously, but 4 wins is probably the minimum I'd accept as progress.

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