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Time for episode ten of The Drive!

The Bears may not look that great in actual games this year, but they sure look good as captured by The Drive. Learn more about this year's team with tonight's episode of The Drive.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Drive is finally in double digits with episode ten! Tune to the Pac-12 Networks at 7 10 p.m. PT to see if this episode is doubly magnificent!

Looks like tonight's episode will be airing at 10 p.m. PT instead!

This week on The Drive:

  • It is Senior Day at Memorial Stadium. Check out how Sonny Dykes interact with the seniors and their family before the game.
  • Senior defensive lineman, Dan Camporeale, is the star of the episode. Can you guess how many different positions did he prepare for last week for the depleted Bears?
  • Nick Forbes may not be healthy enough to play any more this year, but he is still doing his part in helping the community. Find out how he is helping the Bay Area community.
  • Finally, look at the poise exhibited by Sonny Dykes against the harsh questioning by the media. Do you know how many current starters come from the 2009-10 recruiting class?


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