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CGB Pac-12 Week 11 Power Rankings

Stanford beats Oregon, now has just three games (one of them against our woeful Bears) standing between the Cardinal and the Rose Bowl. Hopefully this is the nadir of Cal football.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

1. Stanford (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: They won, so they're 1.

Nick Kranz: This might be a one week thing. Oregon and Stanford both have one loss, so the head to head isn't necessarily decisive. But for now, for this week, it has to be them.

ragnarok: Would Stanford win a 7-game series vs. Oregon? I don't know. But they won last week, so they're at #1.

atomsareenough: Are they better than Oregon? I don't think so. They had their best game and Oregon had their worst game at the same time, though. The Cardinal gave a spectacular performance and definitely earned the top spot this week. Hopefully USC will knock them back down next week. Please.

2. Oregon (down one spot)

atomsareenough: See above. Marcus Mariota's knee injury has to be troubling for the Ducks. Oregon slips to #2, at least for a week.

Nick Kranz: It's like Oregon gets so surprised when another team actually slows them down that it takes them a few hours to regroup.

ragnarok: From national title hopes to needing an upset to even win their conference division.

Berkelium97: Yeah, yeah, they lost to furd. But they have dominated every other team on their schedule. The Lobsterbacks have had to hold off potential game winning drives from UW and Oregon State. For being more consistently dominant, Oregon gets the nod in my ballot.

Sam Fielder: I still maintain that the mojo from Cal football 2013 is so bad they lost because we were all rooting for them.

3. UCLA (up one spot)

Nick Kranz: I give UCLA a bit more credit for a close win over Arizona than I do ASU for a close win over Utah, so the Bruins take my 3rd slot.

atomsareenough: I thought they'd dispatch Arizona a lot more easily, but they still took care of business on the road with less of a scare than ASU had. The Bruins move up to #3. Also, Myles Freaking Jack. Why can't Cal's young players be that good? Sigh.

Sam Fielder: A win sets up an interesting winner take all for the P12 South.

ragnarok: If UCLA can get past Washington this week, they'll play Arizona State the following week with the Pac-12 South title very much up for grabs. Don't get caught looking ahead, Bruins!

Berkelium97: In an alternate universe, our young, inexperienced team is as good as UCLA's young, inexperienced team.

4. Arizona State (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: The best of the rest.

Berkelium97: What happened in Salt Lake City this week? I thought the Sun Devils were done having these unscheduled bye weeks.

Nick Kranz: Surprised at how badly ASU's offense struggled with Utah's defense.

ragnarok: Utah has proven dangerous in the past.

atomsareenough: Probably should have lost to Utah, but didn't. ASU's division championship hopes remain intact, though. Sun Devils are #4 for me this week.

5. Washington (up one spot)

atomsareenough: Dominant win over a terrible team. Just what you'd expect. I'm moving Washington up to #5 though over USC because of the efficient offensive performance and comparatively clean sheet on defense.

Nick Kranz: They can crush the bad teams, but can they get the wins against stronger competition?

Berkelium97: Now that Keith Price is healthy again, UW may have some hope heading into a tough, two-game road trip.

6. USC (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: Guy that saw my Cal sticker on my car "I'm a USC fan. We whipped the $%^& out of you guys last weekend."

Berkelium97: I'm still skeptical that USC is as good as the talking heads say it is. We'll see next week.

atomsareenough: The Trojans' special teams were great, but you can't necessarily depend on getting 3 special teams TDs every week. Washington's dominance over CU seemed a little more repeatable, so the Trojans and Huskies switch places and USC drops to #6 on my ballot. It's hard really finding meaningful differences between the middle-of-the-conference teams, though.

ragnarok: The Trojans drop 62 on the Bears. Yes, the same team that scored 7 points at home in losing to Washington State. Further evidence (as if we needed it) that Lane Kiffin is a terrible, terrible head football coach.

Nick Kranz: Playing well, but their upcoming loss to Stanford is so obviously inevitable.

7. Arizona (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: They must be wondering why they didn't score 85 against us.

Nick Kranz: Could have, maybe should have beaten UCLA, as a crushing red zone fumble from the usually reliable Ka'Deem Carey was decisive.

atomsareenough: They played UCLA pretty well, but just fell short of completing the comeback. Perhaps there isn't a lot of separation between #3-7 in this conference. Zona remains at #7.

ragnarok: By the transitive property of college football, UCLA is just 10 points better than Cal. So, there's that.

8. Utah (up one spot)

Nick Kranz: Another brutal loss for the Pac-12's random number generator.

Berkelium97: Travis Wilson completes 6 of 21 passes and they nearly upset ASU. Go figure.

atomsareenough: Tough, tough last minute home loss to ASU. They have Wilson back, but is he completely healthy? Utes rise to #8 for me.

9. Oregon State (down two spots)

atomsareenough: The Beavers were off. They're lucky they got to 6 wins already, as the rest of the schedule is quite brutal. By the way, can we finally put to rest the "Mike Riley's Oregon State teams always improve over the course of the season" trope? Beavers fall to #9 thanks to Utah moving up.

10. Washington State (holding steady)

atomsareenough: The Cougars were also mercifully off this week. They have a tough game with a rapidly improving Arizona team next week. Wazzu also slides down a spot thanks to Utah, so they're #10 this week for me.

11. California (holding steady)

Sam Fielder: This is just brutal.

Nick Kranz: At least Cal scored multiple touchdowns in their brutal blowout loss.

atomsareenough: Another week, another new way to lose. The 2013 Golden Bears are real innovators in this field. What happens next week against Colorado is anybody's guess. For now Cal stays at #11 ahead of the Buffs because at least the Bears put up 4 TDs against USC.

Berkelium97: Looked slightly less incompetent that Colorado this week.

ragnarok: 'Furd on top, Bears on the bottom. Extra sads this week.

12. Colorado (holding steady)

Berkelium97: Gave up 600+ yards for the second time in the past three weeks. Will they salvage the season this weekend?

ragnarok: This week, one of the bottom two teams is going to win a Pac-12 game. Can't wait for the pillow fight!

atomsareenough: I dunno about you, but I'm sure looking forward to next week's collision between the movable object that is Cal and the stoppable force that is Colorado. The good news is that someone's gotta win.

Sam Fielder: I fully expect to lose to them this week...just because Cal.