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Golden Nuggets: Bears try to stay positive after USC loss

Insert inspirational quote about how flowers pick themselves off horses from the rain water or something.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Another loss, another press conference. After a few injury-free weeks, LB Hardy Nickerson Jr suffered a foot injury, which Coach Sonny Dykes explained had profound effects on the defense.

Saturday was the ninth loss of the season and basically the 29th consecutive loss against USC. But it was also the last home game of the 2013 season and Senior Day, honoring 13Golden Bears. Dykes took the time to recognize the home crowd and the contributions of the seniors.

We should join Dykes in thanking the seniors for all they've done for the program.

One of those seniors, WR Jackson Bouza, commented on the team's struggles, but spoke with optimism for the future:

With a perspective from the other end of the spectrum (switching from offense to defense and senior to freshman), LB Michael Barton also noted the positives he's observed from the team.

Press-conference interviews can be seen for Dykes, QB Jared Goff, Bouza, and Barton.

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Nothing much is going right for Cal's football team this season, even when it's just trying to punt.