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Cal football: What are you missing the most this season?

Take your pick!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I joked on Twitter in-game that the Cal 2013 motto was going to be: I miss ____________. Who or what do you miss the most from the Bears this year?

Sam Fielder: I agree with NorCalNick that I really miss all of the guys that are hurt, but I think that I really miss our running backs from last year. Isi and CJ were are powerful one/two combo that ran hard, could get tough yards, and could bang home TD's inside the 5 while not fumbling. They may not have been the flashiest guys, but they were solid and could carry the game, which I don't think we can say about any of our backs right now.

norcalnick: Easy: All of the injured players. I miss watching Nick Forbes and Avery Sebastian. I miss not-having-to-recover-from-knee-surgery Brendan Bigelow and Stefan McClure. I miss all of our guys who worked really hard all off-season and have lost their chance to play because of bad luck.

I also miss Walt Harris.

atomsareenough: Does the word "defense" count? Honestly, in terms of players, I miss having a healthy Avery Sebastian and Nick Forbes the most. We need experience and talent and leadership, and I believe those two guys have it. I believe we'd look a lot better on defense if we still had them. Hopefully guys stay healthy next year.

Ruey Yen: Yeah, Nick's response is the easy and obvious answer. I would like to think that the team would have performed better (although the record could still be the same) with those injured guys. With that said, I miss having more winnable games on paper in the schedule. As much as I like these games where the team should have next to no pressure being the underdog against a top 12 or so ranked opponents (which somehow UCLA has become), there are just way too many of these games this year. It is unfortunate and painful for the Bears that the rest of the Pac are so good right now.