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Golden Nuggets: Injuries plaguing defense and insight into Jeffrey Coprich's life

Quotes from today's press conference and all the Cal news you could imagine!

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Coach Sonny Dykes listed all of the post-spring projected defensive starters who have suffered a significant injury affecting the ability to play in a game, which is to say Coach Sonny Dykes basically listed all of the post-spring projected defensive starters. This included practically finalizing some more bad news for the defensive line:

One glaring issue with the Bears' performance against the Cougars (and the Ducks the week before) was the number of turnovers, which WR Chris Harper would like to eliminate.

Despite Dykes's comments earlier in the year recognizing the importance of rivalry games like the Big Game, he made remarks that may suggest deviating from that philosophy and becoming more like the Arizona and Oregon programs, who want to view all games equally, regardless of rivalries.

There's a fine line here that Dykes is being a little ambiguous about. It's certainly beneficial to approach every game seriously and recognize their importance, but I think all Cal fans will recognize there is something particularly special about the Big Game.

On an off-the-field note, the press conference discussed some of the struggles in the life of RB Jeffrey Coprich, who lost a sister and a cousin and was injured in a car crash at the age of three. Nonetheless, the Coprichs have been dedicated to improving their community:

And it looks like we might have the new "flying around out there... real physical."

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