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Alex Logan retires from football

A thin secondary gets thinner.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking - and quite frankly, surprising - news courtesy of Grant Marek and the crew at Rivals, as senior safety Alex Logan has opted to retire from football. The reason given is due to injury.

More quotes from Logan are available here, with a full copy of his retirement letter behind paywall:

"The injuries I've incurred over the last year have greatly impacted my ability to play at a high level. The last four injuries to my wrist, knee, foot and head have become a recurring nuisance and reminder that our bodies can only take so much before breaking down. While I did not reach all the goals I set for football, I am happy to have contributed as I did and I am in position to graduate immediately."

Logan had seen inconsistent playing time this season, recording 11 tackles (one for loss) and a memorable interception against Northwestern. As of late, it appeared he had been passed up on the depth chart by Cameron Walker and Damariay Drew. Perhaps this factored into his decision as well.

With his departure, Cal is even shorter on depth than usual, although Walker has reportedly been picking up the free safety position very quickly.

We wish Alex the best in his future endeavors, both here at Cal and after it.