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Cal football coping mechanisms: Would you adopt a second team?

How does Golden Bear Nation handle the lean times in Strawberry Canyon?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One of the ways to cope with a bad season is to adopt a second team to root for, because we aren't gluttons for enough punishment. Have you done that with Cal struggling? If you haven't and were forced with the option to do so, who would you pick and why?

Vlad Belo: Coping? Meh. I watch Cal football because I love Cal football. I don't adopt a second team and, believe it or not, I watch very little college football other than Cal and an occasional Pac-12 game involving other teams. This too shall pass.

Leland Wong: I'll never have a second team I can root for half as passionately as I do for Cal, no matter how miserably Cal may be doing on the field.

If I had to pick a second team... I'd go for something in the Pac-12 excluding the vile three (Furd, USC, and UW). WSU because they've been Cougin' it for so long that I don't have much animosity against them? Oregon for being so fun to watch, but some of their fans can be a bit obnoxious? Ultimately, I'd probably go with UCLA to keep my allegiance in California and in the UC system; they're like our baby sibling!

Norcalnick: Honestly, I wonder how much I'd be paying attention if I didn't have to write about the team. My mantra is always that sports fandom is supposed to be fun, and so as soon as it becomes un-fun, it's time to take a step back and focus time elsewhere.

I try to focus on what few positives there are. Find a freshman or sophomore that you're excited about, and focus on what they do each play. Imagine what they'll do as upper classmen. And when that fails, there's always irreverant snarkiness!
Scott Chong: No coping mechanisms needed. I love watching Cal football, but only as a means to spend time with friends and family. It's just a game. The memories I have of going to games with my grandparents and parents, and now, of taking my daughter with me are what's important.