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The Drive, episode 8: Halloween spooktacular viewing thread

Come discuss the latest episode of The Drive on almost-Halloween!

Scott Halleran

It's almost Halloween! Finish up those final touches on your costume while watching The Drive--7 p.m. PT on the Pac-12 Networks! Bonus points if your costume is Coach Yenser or Coach Likens. Negative points if your costume is Coach Ingram.

Speaking of dressing up, this week's episode takes us into the men's room, where some of our Bears are trying on new looks to make sure they stay Golden. We'll also see how Coach Sonny Dykes connects with the players and a montage (!) of the staff coaching the players, filled with all sorts of buzzwords.

But the main event for the Bears is Dykes's heart-to-heart chat with Coach Pete Carroll. What advice does ole Petey have to help keep his teams competitive? What did he learn as a struggling first-year coach in the Pac-x conference?

CGB Challenge: How many times do the Bears say "fast" in tonight's episode?

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