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Britney Spears shouts out Cal Band for Britney Show

We're not that innocent!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So look. We're not very good at football. We're not very good at graduating our players. Morale is pretty much at an all-time low at Bear Territory.

Cal band is still great though. They have always been great. They will continue to be great.

And they continue to give these games a decent amount of watchability.

Now they're getting straight props from this generation's queen of pop? Here's what Britney Spears just tweeted:

Here is the show for all who missed it. Cal band actually debuted it on the road in the Rose Bowl, then played it again a week later at home against Oregon State with the complete performance.

I have a feeling when we countdown the greatest moments of the 2013 Cal football season, it might just be band performances.  It's so great to have something to rely on every Saturday afternoon at Memorial.