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Cal men's basketball: Biggest preseason worries

We chatted about the most promising things about the 2013 season for Cal hoops; now we focus more on the uncertainties.


What worries you the most about the upcoming Cal men's basketball season? We are losing the Pac-12 Player of the Year, for one...

norcalnick: Injuries probably worry me the most. Justin Cobbs and Ricky Kreklow are both entering the season less than 100%, and any injuries to either of our starting interior players could be disastrous because of the lack of depth in the post. And maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive to the issue after what the football team has gone through.

But in terms of actual basketball strategy . . . the defense should be just as good, if not better than last year. We should be able to get decent shots, we should be able to rebound, we have the depth to deal with foul trouble . . . I guess we need to figure out who our go-to crunch time scorer is now that Crabbe is gone? Eh, it's probably Cobbs. I dunno. I'm oddly worry free!

atomsareenough: My #1 concern is the health of our 3 most important players: Cobbs, Solomon, and Kravish. My second concern is how fast the freshmen and sophomores will develop and absorb Monty's system. I honestly think the pieces are there to be a good team, though. Losing Crabbe and Thurman certainly hurts, but I suspect it will be more than offset by the maturation of the returning players and the addition of several freshman who will be able to play significant minutes, particularly Mathews, Bird, and Singer. We may not be quite as good as Arizona, but I like our chances this year, as long as we stay healthy. Color me very excited.

Vincent S: Post depth. Right now, we have Richard, David, and....anyone else? Christian Behrens is coming off of surgery. Kameron Rooks is a true freshman. I think that Monty might be forced into playing the Mizzou-style 4-guard attack from a couple of years back. I think that if either of our two established post players goes down with an injury, we're going to have a lot of trouble this year. Josh Smith isn't in the conference, but other schools (see: -zona, Ari) have a lot of tall and big beef to throw on the course. I hope Cal is ready for that.

LeonPowe: Injuries. We don't know how well Cobbs is going to come back from his broken foot and Kreklow's hasn't been healthy. Also we're putting a lot of expectations on our freshmen - Bird, Matthews, Rooks - which is always an iffy proposition.