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CGB Pac-12 Week 8 Power Rankings

Oregon continues to demolish opponents, Cal continues to get demolished, and the rest of the conference is somewhere in between.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oregon (holding steady)

norcalnick: The only easy decisions on this list are at the top and the bottom.

Sam Fielder: I've run out of things to say about them. They are really good.

Berkelium97: We didn't learn anything new...other than how to rustle Nick Aliotti's jimmies.

atomsareenough: It was cute how Wazzu tried to make a game of it with the Ducks.

ragnarok: Looking forward to the next two games vs. UCLA and @ Stanford, just hoping someone can challenge the Ducks. Amazingly, the 45 points they put up vs. Washington are the fewest they've scored all year!

2. Stanford (up one spot)

Berkelium97: That was a stellar defensive performance.

atomsareenough: The Cardinal showed up again this week and clamped down on UCLA and Brett Hundley. So, back they go to #2.

norcalnick: Beating UCLA is plenty reason to bounce them back up to the 2nd slot.

Sam Fielder: Rebounded nicely from their loss to take out UCLA quite handily.

ragnarok: Utah was just a blip, apparently, but they're still a step below the Ducks. Maybe several.

3. Arizona State (up two spots)

Berkelium97: This was the ASU team I expected to see at the beginning of the season.

atomsareenough: The Sun Devils absolutely dominated the Huskies at home, validating my decision to put them ahead of the Huskies last week. They move up to #4 on my ballot after the Utah loss.

norcalnick: Still can't get over how thoroughly they were outclassed by Stanford, and Notre Dame just isn't that good. Yet they just crushed USC and Washington. Weird team.

ragnarok: That was quite the destruction of the Huskies. Hopefully they don't trip over themselves on their way to a South showdown with UCLA.

Sam Fielder: Hot and cold all season. Hot right now, so they are here.

4. UCLA (down two spots)

Sam Fielder: I expected a better performance last week.

Berkelium97: Is the Pac-12 South title up for grabs again?

atomsareenough: So, they got beaten by Stanford for a 3rd time in two seasons. Maybe they just don't match up well? The Bruins still only have 1 loss though, and their loss to the Cardinal was more competitive than ASU's.

ragnarok: If they can't hang with the Cardinal, I'm not optimistic about their chances vs. the Ducks this weekend.

norcalnick: While UCLA fans are undoubtedly bummed, I don't think anybody should be particularly surprised that they would lose a road game to a top 10 team. I'm still pretty sure UCLA is the 3rd best team in this conference, for better or worse.

5. Oregon State (up two spots)

Berkelium97: This is a much better team than the Beavs I saw play Eastern Washington and San Diego State.

Sam Fielder: They continue to roll after their first flop.

norcalnick: I'm reaching the point where I'm considering throwing the loss to Eastern Washington out the window. A competitive loss to Stanford probably wouldn't hurt their poll position much.

atomsareenough: Mannion is legit, Cooks is a stud, and the Beaver defense is coming along. I think the "Oregon State always starts slow" idea is incredibly overblown, but it does appear true this season.

ragnarok: It's been a soft, soft schedule during this 6-game winning streak, but that ends this weekend when they host the Cardinal. Anyone else notice that teams consistently rise in the Power Rankings the week after playing Cal?

6. Washington (down two spots)

Berkelium97: Say it with me: "7-5"

atomsareenough: Three losses in a row for the formerly-ranked Huskies. They have a good chance to right the ship against Cal and Colorado the next two weeks, but they finish the season against UCLA, Oregon State, and Washington State, all of which should be tough games.

ragnarok: The puppies have been thoroughly exposed over the past three weeks. I suppose the gauntlet of Cal, BYE, and Colorado, all at home, are just what the schedule doctor ordered.

norcalnick: Man, what happened? That was a performance you'd expect from the team on the other side of the state.

7. Utah (down one spot)

atomsareenough: The Utes took a step back by losing to Arizona after beating Stanford. I was surprised that they only scored 24 points against the Wildcats.

ragnarok: Followed up a big win with a deflating loss. What's up, Utes?

Berkelium97: I don't understand this team.

Sam Fielder: Up and down. Down right now.

norcalnick: Road wins are tough to get in this conference, and momentum isn't a thing.

8. Arizona (up two spots)

norcalnick: Ka'Deem Carey and the featured players picked up a solid win.

Sam Fielder: Scored a mild upset.

Berkelium97: The previous week's performance was a fluke; B.J. Denker still can't pass the ball (not that it matters with Carey in the backfield)

atomsareenough: Surprising win against the Utes. Denker was serviceable and Carey sealed off a tight game by busting a long TD run. This conference really is deep.

ragnarok: I had to put someone here, and everyone else lost this weekend (except Colorado, and they don't count).

9. Washington State (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: Scored a ton of points...

Berkelium97: They were more competitive in the first half than any team has been against Oregon this season.

norcalnick: Did about as well against Oregon as anybody might have expected, but they fall because Arizona picked up a solid win.

atomsareenough: It's okay, Cougs. Everyone gets blown out by Oregon. Not everyone scores 38 points against them though, so kudos for that. Who cares if it took 89 pass attempts?

10. USC (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: That was a short-lived revival.

Berkelium97: You mean the offense wouldn't miraculously get better when Kiffin was fired? Color me shocked.

norcalnick: Injuries are mounting. It's not surprising to see the two most depleted teams in the conference near the bottom of the rankings.

atomsareenough: The Trojans kept it close, but losing to your archrival is always painful. I wonder if Orgeron missed out on a golden opportunity to remain the head coach after the season. He'll have another shot against UCLA though.

ragnarok: I root for Notre Dame exactly twice a year. Go Irish!

11. Colorado (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: 3 wins are better than 1.

Berkelium97: At least they didn't lose to an FCS team.

ragnarok: Despite the 3-3 record, I still don't believe this team is any good.

atomsareenough: For the record, I still think Cal is better than the Buffs, and nothing will change that at this point unless they beat us or someone else in conference, but getting to 3-3 is nice, and getting pounded by the Beavers is not, so Colorado gets to escape the cellar this week thanks to its second FCS opponent of the season.

norcalnick: If I could vote them into a tie for last with Cal, I would. But tie goes to the team with an FBS win, even if it's an FBS win that Cal would have also earned in the first week of the season.

12. California (down one spot)

Berkelium97: Worst defense in the conference. Worst offense in the conference. Worst team in the conference.

atomsareenough: Still an extremely, almost perversely inconsistent team. Defensive stops get rewarded with turnovers on offense, and long drives on offense are followed up with missed tackles and blown coverages on defense. Oh yeah, and let's add a QB controversy to the mix now. This is a team that really really needs something to start going right soon.

ragnarok: Doesn't matter who the quarterback is if the Bears can't play a modicum of defense.

norcalnick: Sigh

Sam Fielder: Feels bad man.