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A Golden Spotlight on Cal vs. Oregon State

Apologies, but my heart really wasn't into it this past weekend. Sometimes, we get a sobering reminder that life is much too short and the time we spend with loved ones is far more important than sports.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

OSU has 3 WR and two backs. Cal comes out with an atypical look; we have three down linemen with Coleman(#91) over center, Kragen(#13) at one end and Moala(#55) at another end. All three linebackers, Nickerson(#47), Fortt(#11), and Agu(#35) are on the line threatening blitz.


At the snap, Nickerson(#47) peels back into coverage. The Cal safety, Walker(#14) provides help on OSU's elite wideout Cooks along with Jackson(#3) at the bottom of the screen.  Moala(#55), Fortt(#11), and Agu(#35) all rush.  By lining up as an end, it gives Moala leverage to hit their center at an angle instead of head on.


Although most of the Cal blitz is picked up, Kragen is able to get around their tackle with a speed rush. The OSU tackle uses the jersey block...which is apparently only legal in the state of Oregon. For once, Coleman draws a single-team, but can't get free. Agu collapses the pocket by looping around the outside. Meanwhile, Moala has shoved their center aside and is also pushing past their guard.


Mannion has to step up and sidesteps Kragen. But, he can't avoid getting pancaked by Moala. You don't want to be pancaked by Moala.


Play #2: Enter the Kline. Cal comes out with trips right and Ervin(#34) as the lone back. OSU has one shallow safety and puts the rest of their LBs on the line threatening blitz.


...and it's a blitz. But the center and left side of the Cal line cut the rushers. Crosthwaithe slows his man, then releases to the second level.  Apparently, the Cal Oline work on this a lot...


It's the perfect call against an inside charge. Kline lofts the swing pass to Ervin. He has all three wideouts blocking as well as Crosthwaite #71 lumbering downfield ahead of him.


Even so, one of the OSU defenders makes contact with Ervin at the 2...but he refuses to go down and lunges forward for the score. Touchdown Bears!


Hail to California,
Alma Mater dear;
Sing the joyful chorus,
Sound it far and near.
Rallying round her banner,
We will never fail;
California, Alma Mater,
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Cal Band Great!