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Golden Nuggets: Depth chart shows slight change to starting QB job

Indecision is the decision for Dykes et al.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the quarterback competition back on, the depth chart released today resolved the issue with indecision.

Clearly, if they can't decide who should start, then neither should!

Unfortunately, the defense has still been struggling with proper tackling technique. Well, that injury bug is definitely going to help with that, right?

How about an update on the injured players, since we're on the topic.

OL Jordan Rigsbee addressed the disappointing performances from the offensive line.

I want to make so many comic-book jokes about needing continuity... While I sit here and laugh about them to myself, check out what all the Cal squads have been up to!

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Hey Alex! I was wondering what you majored in at Cal, and if you had to choose a career outside of the soccer field, what would you have pursued?


I majored in political economy, which most colleges now don't even have as a major, but I chose that because if I didn't have soccer as a long-term career I'd want to be able to help promote the women's game throughout the world, especially in underdeveloped countries.

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  • Do you even remember what it's like to have a non-late night game?

  • An early spread shows we're totally not considered underdogs