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Golden Nuggets: Is it time to discuss a QB competition again?

QB Zach Kline comes in after another poor performance by Jared Goff. Is the competition brewing again?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

At the post-game press conference, Dykes had the unenviable task of addressing another disheartening Cal loss. He attributed the loss to poor performance in all facets of the program, rather than throw one under the bus.

After QB Jared Goff's second turnover-laden performance led to Zach Kline relieving him, the issues of Kloff for starting quarterback has unsurprisingly been revived, but Dykes did not provide any hints about the future.

Kline had his chance at the podium, where he discussed the importance of leadership and proudly representing our fine university.

And, lastly, some unfortunate stat updates about our Golden Bears:

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