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How many games will Cal win in 2013?

The Golden Bears stand at 1-3, but the roughest part of their schedule is done.

Steve Dykes

We started the season 1-3. We expected to start the season 1-3. Cal will win _____ of its next eight games because _________.

Norcalnick: I'm not a big fan of ironclad pronouncements like this, because the mantra that "College football is permanently weird" still very much applies. I'd go with . . . Cal will win anywhere between two and five of its next eight games because Cal's schedule has been too tough to really know what they are capable of.

Cal can absolutely beat Washington State, Arizona, Colorado, USC and Oregon State. 'Can' unfortunately does not mean 'will.' The Bears clearly have visible flaws. But those other teams have major flaws as well. Luckily four of those games come at home, and while Colorado is a tough place to play, the Buffs are still probably the worst team in the conference.

Vlad Belo: Cal will win 4 of its next 8 games because the Bears' schedule will become much more manageable. Although I worry about the attrition on the defensive side of the ball, I don't think that we should judge this team based on what happened in Eugene. Our defensive issues are obvious and we need to find answers there. But I have seen a lot to like on offense (last weekend notwithstanding). This offense will get better and we will win some games because of it.

Sam Fielder: 4 of 8 because we aren't very good this year but there are other teams that might be worse. I tentatively have WSU, OSU, Arizona, and Colorado as wins but you could convince me that Arizona is a toss up at best. USC should be a win but I want to see how they end up playing now that Kiffin is gone. And, if we completely implode against WSU, then you could easily convince me that we'll go winless the rest of the way.