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Cal vs Oregon State Q2 Open Thread: Cal battling, but down 14–3

GO BEARS! Can the Bears continue to keep pace with the Beavers? How many player names will the announcers mess up?

Thearon W. Henderson

Defense, Bears, DEFENSE!  Cal defense has their first opening-possession stop! But OSU went ahead and scored on their second drive...

CB Kameron Jackson has been doing a good job of covering OSU's Brandin Cooks, but he's still tallied over 80 yards in the first quarter alone. Nonetheless, the announcers are gushing over Jackson's play, but it looks like he suffered a minor leg injury late in the first quarter.

Cal's offense is having up and down moments--no run game, great pass game, lots of yards, but no TDs. The big problem? Goff has two turnovers--a pick and a fumble.

Can Cal recover from being down 14–3? Discuss the 2nd quarter inside. GO BEARS!