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Daniel Lasco out vs Oregon State

[Sad joke attempting to make light of the situation goes here]

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, this is just cruel, but it is what it is -- the Bears will be down yet another player, as running back Daniel Lasco was seen at Monday's practice with his arm in a sling, and listed as out on the weekly injury report. He will not be available for Saturday's game against the Beavers.

That information comes from Hunter Hewitt.

With Lasco out, expect to see a heavy dose of Khalfani Muhammad and Jeffrey Coprich. Brendan Bigelow could also be in the mix, but that seems a bit more unlikely, given his zero carry performance against UCLA.

In other news, though, the Bears still seem firmly behind Jared Goff as the starter, all debate and speculation here aside. The defense will also likely see the return of Jalen Jefferson and Joel Willis, as well.