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Golden Nuggets: Cal "hasn't put a solid football game together"

Coach Sonny Dykes discusses the issues plaguing our young team after a loss to no. 11 UCLA.

Best stiff arm since Marshawn?
Best stiff arm since Marshawn?
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

At the post-game press conference, Coach Sonny Dykes addressed the press about our performance in the loss to the Bruins.

We're learning. That's the thing. We're a team that hasn't put a solid football game together all year. As I said earlier, I thought defensively we played well enough to have a chance to win the ballgame, but offensively we just struggled to execute basic plays. UCLA runs well defensively. That's their strength. They can run and are playing with a tremendous amount of confidence. They tackle well in the open field and they've got a good defensive football team.

Dykes had the following to say about the defense--which turned in a relatively strong performance, all things considered--and our issues with tackling in particular.

I thought we started to tackle better later in the game but it's been a problem for us all year. It's something that we haven't been good at. We just didn't do a very good job of making those open field tackles, particularly early in the game. I thought defensively we played well enough at times to give us a chance to win. There's obviously a lot of ways for us to get better, but I thought defensively those guys improved.

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  • I know the question on everyone's mind has been how does the team pass their time in Coach Gottlieb's basement!

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