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BCS National Championship Open Thread

Behold the crystal football of power. Notre Dame and Alabama will play for it, each team seeking to add one to an already long list of national championships. Who will win it?

Mike Ehrmann

The Discover BCS National Championship Game is finally here. Alabama vs. Notre Dame. As you may have heard Rece Davis's soundbite say ad nauseum on ESPN's promos for this game, "it doesn't get any more compelling than this." Two of the most storied, tradition rich programs in all of college football are playing for the crystal football trophy of power and all the Tostitos.

Oh, wait. No Tostitos. It's the Discover BCS National Championship Game. So I guess Brent Musburger will say they're playing for "all the Discover consumer credit"?

But I digress. If you want a preview of this game, you've come to the wrong place. I don't need to give you preview. You can find those all over the interwebs. Anything you'd want to read about this game is out there somewhere. So instead of a preview, I will give you highlights of two of the key moments that brought these teams to Miami for the championship. Let's focus on...


Exhibit A: Notre Dame's controversial goal line stand against Stanford back in October:

Exhibit B: Alabama holding on, stopping Georgia in the field of play to allow the clock to run out in the SEC Championship Game:

One more thing: since Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit are calling the action on ESPN for tonight's titanic tilt, I give you this as a public service to help you get through the game.

THE BRENT MUSBURGER DRINKING GAME! Choose your variation here, here, or here. (And play at your own risk.)

This is your open thread for tonight's championship contest. Enjoy the game.

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