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Cal Bears In The Twitterverse: How Were The Holidays In Bear Territory?

As we get set for a New Year, we check in with the California Golden Bears and how well things are going with our students and alumni. Justin Forsett isn't just in the playoffs; he also became a father!

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Justin Forsett is a father! Congrats Justin!

Coach Sonny Dykes had some well wishes for all of you.

As does Tyrone Wallace.

Oski sends well-wishes. Jerome Randle is pretty happy.

Todd Barr with wise words.

Avery Sebastian echoes similar wishes

New Cal running back coach Pierre Ingram got his daughter some nice Christmas presents!

D.J. Campbell had one heck of a Christmas tree.

Ron Gould got a gift from his Cal running backs. Ice cream!

Andre Carter had to deal with an excited son!

Mark Brazinski enjoyed his gift.

Desean Jackson spent Christmas day watching a fellow superstar

Robert Thurman spent Christmas in the best possible place!

Rod Benson got some solid stuff for Christmas.

Nikki Owens is all about that life.

Austin Clark has a present that you need to find and buy yourself.

Shane Vereen saw some old friends.

D.J. Holt with a serious message and a serious photo.

Thomas Decoud is zen about not making a Pro Bowl.

Daniel Lasco had surgery that'll keep him from lifting for a month.

Chris Harper keeps it simple.

Jacob Wark isn't liking this whole sitting at home in December/January deal.

Harper Kamp has a New Year's Resolution.

Trevor Guyton was thinking deep here.

Check out Zach Follett's new creation!

Jordan Wallace playing Santa Bear!

Bryce Treggs had some astute observations about the L.A. living.

Jace Williams reminds herself of happiest times.

Brennan Scarlett talks diet advice.

Alysia Montano says what all of us have done as kids.

Check out Nick Sundberg and his mullet.

Natalie Coughlin channels her inner Filipina!

Nathan Adrian is getting indoctrination started on the next generation.

Josh Hill was not terribly happy about the success of Duke football.

Vei Moala is ready to get back at it.

So is Steven Moore.

As does Matt Cochran.

Welcome to 2013 everyone!