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Cal Football Recruiting Commit: Drake Whitehurst, CCSF WR

Cal received a commitment from a local Bay Area junior college prospect, as Drake Whitehurst decided to be a Bear.


In a bit of a surprise, Rivals reports that the Cal Bears have received a commitment from City College of San Francisco wide receiver Drake Whitehurst. Whitehurst had a preferred walk-on offer from Oregon before the Bears coaching staff managed to snag him.

Whitehurst had 29 receptions for 286 yards and 4 touchdowns with the Rams this season, and will be the second receiver that Sonny Dykes’ staff recruited specifically for the Bear Raid offense. Dykes already managed to flip Dannon Cavil from Ole Miss to Cal.

Those numbers seem rather ordinary, but these aren’t - at 6’6" and 215 pounds, Whitehurst immediately becomes the tallest wide receiver that the Bears have, most of whom stand in 6’3" or below. A look at his highlight tape shows that he knows how to use that frame, as well –he is seen catching a number of lobs and fades, as well as possessing an ability to go up and get the football.

Welcome, Drake!