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Torry McTyer Decommits From Cal

The Cal athlete will have to look elsewhere and find another school to play football.


Another recruit that the previous coaching staff recruited will not be coming to Berkeley. Cathedral wide receiver Torry McTyer has reopened his commitment and will not attend Cal.

It has long been rumored that McTyer was going to have trouble making it into Cal due to the more stringent academic requirements the new coaching regime is putting in place. As Sonny Dykes has previously noted, if he suspected players were going to have trouble succeeding at Cal academically, he was going to have to move on and find other recruits who would. It does seem the type of recruit that Dykes has gone after since coming to Cal have had more of an academically rigorous background, which probably fits the profile of the Cal athlete much better.

UPDATE: Via a source, McTyer is academically qualified to attend Cal. But he is very close to the border, and the coaching staff seems to want to avoid taking on kids who could struggle succeeding academically here. With Cal's APR at perilously low figures the Bears need to right the ship in a hurry.

As you'd suspect, McTyer's dad isn't terribly pleased.

Cal is down to three wide receiver recruits in this class: Drake Whitehurst (who early enrolled and is on campus), Jack Austin, and Caleb Coleman. The Bears don't have huge priorities at wide receiver (we're fairly deep at this position at least compared to others) and I don't know if we're targeting any other receivers in this class, so we might be moving onto 2014 to restock here.

Best of luck to Torry.

Here is the Cal recruiting board for those who want to see it. Read it below or click here for the full spreadsheet.