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Cal Football Recruiting Update: Coaching Staff Road Trip!

What's recruiting like for Cal coaches? Assistant coaches Zach Yenser, Rob Likens, and Pierre Ingram take us inside the recruiting process for the Golden Bears.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now, we know how fossilized the last coaching staff was when it came to utilizing social media. Regardless of whether he was telling the truth or not, can we really be sure that Jeff Tedford ever used a computer? He might have sat in front of one, but we no idea of knowing if he actually typed into it or tried talking to it like a pet. Not a man we can say who was quite up-to-date with the newest technologies.

This coaching staff doesn't seem like it'll have that problem. Although Sonny Dykes isn't going quite so fast (to be fair he's probably wrapping up the busiest two months of his life), already several Cal coaches have hit the road and started selling the Bears to anyone who's willing to listen.

What follows is a day in the life of three assistant coaches. How did running back coach Pierre Ingram, wide receiver coach Rob Likens, and offensive line coach Zach Yenser fare on the open road in Southern California the past two days?

Here is a running diary of their exploits.


Likens and Yenser get rolling.

Yenser's wife is concerned.

Likens responds in kind.

Although Ingram, Yenser and Likens were probably out on separate trips, that doesn't mean they all don't want to be broing out together.

Likens is old & Yenser is young

Yenser was happy to point out the good and bad.

Recruiting trip diet

Yenser immediately found his way to the In-N-Out.

Likens believes frugality is the better part of valor.

Yenser points out the importance of body frame for dietary considerations.

Ingram responded in kind.

In-N-Out for lunch, sushi for dinner.

But was there more?

Actual recruiting

Apparently actual recruiting is happening too! Although coaches cannot mention players on Twitter (direct messages only), they can pretty much do just about anything else, so see if you can take a guess as to who these guys are visiting.

Likens had to head back to Bear Country, which I believe is Alaska, but I think he meant Bear Territory.

Indeeed just a few days before Likens had been all out on the Bay Area before hitting up SoCal.

Ingram seems to be interested in the Bay Area region and finding recruits the team needs locally in the upcoming seasons.

Ingram is also ready to hit those Berkeley bike trails.

Yenser seems to be alternating between this year's class and next year's.

Yenser was happy to give a live update on a recruit.

Unfortunately he had trouble with the hashtag. His sister had to correct him.

Yenser again had to point out Likens wasn't too far up on his Twitter game.

And man does our O-line coach love to eat. Home visit after home visit and he's enjoying mom's eats.

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