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Cal Football Recruiting: Cameron Hunt, Darius Allensworth, Johnny Ragin, Takkarist McKinley News

A few quick Cal football recruiting updates!


For those trying to catch up with all the recruiting regarding the Bears, check out the CGB Recruiting Board designed and updated by our very own atomsareenough (ManBearCal did the original, although we can't seem to find him as easily as we used to)! Thanks also go to JahvidKnowsBest & blueandgold15 for their work. Read it below or click here for the full spreadsheet.

Plenty of updates from yesterday, but more are still filtering down the pipeline. We're going to be left in suspense regarding Centennial OL Cameron Hunt until National Signing Day. He's down to two.

It seems bad that he's announcing a school when he's already committed to a school, right (Shaq Thompson comes to mind)? But Bryce Treggs and Cedric Dozier did similar things close to or near NSD and ended up back with Cal. I wouldn't sweat the announcement timing. And it's nice not to see Michigan or Ohio State on the table.

Still, there's plenty about Hunt that would make Oregon seem really appealing. There's a system ready to go and a team ready to win (whereas at Cal nothing is guaranteed quite yet). However, Hunt has been committed to Cal for awhile and hasn't really wavered from his soft verbal despite all the visits. Michigan didn't work out because of scholarships and Urban Meyer couldn't sway him to Columbus. Cal fans will just have to sweat it another week.

One Cal/Oregon battle isn't enough, is it? Wilsonville LB Johnny Ragin has already flipped once. Could he flip again?

Ragin hosted Don Pellum and Mark Helfrich last night and reported an Oregon offer. Ragin did just flip from BYU to Cal, so it'd be a bit sudden for him to flip again, but Ragin has always been fond of the Ducks. It's a home-state team, they've enjoyed incredible success, and Oregon suddenly had scholarship spots open up (and potential recruiting spots too) with the departure of Chip Kelly. So Helfrich has hit the trail to try and cover all gaps.

It'd be a pretty tough loss, particularly after Victor Egu Ivy Leagued it.

Cal DB Darius Allensworth is getting plenty of interest right down to the last hours of his recruitment. He's probably done with visits though, so something would have to drastically change here.

Allensworth has enjoyed the recruiting process and kept all his options on the table since the coaching staff changed, but it'd be pretty shocking if he didn't sign with Cal at this point. Both WSU and Texas Tech have made overtures, but neither has swayed Allensworth enough to flip his commitment.

Cal DE Takkarist McKinley did make a trip to Washington State along with Allensworth, but he isn't ready to flip. And it seems like he'll stick if he can.

The issue with McKinley has always been the same: How will his grades hold up? If McKinley's grades are good enough, he'll sign with the Bears. If they aren't, Sonny Dykes and Andy Buh might have to cut him loose. It's a shame, but right now Cal cannot afford academic students at risk. The good news is that McKinley seems to be proactive in trying to get to Cal and is doing what he can to stay here. But it could all depend on what the test scores say.

Signing Day is a week away.