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Cal Season Tickets Renewal Deadline Fast Approaching!

Renew now or, alternatively, later!

Ezra Shaw

Just a quick heads up, ladies and gents. The deadline to renew your season tickets is this Thursday. Yes, this Thursday! Let's learn more:

The contemporary name comes from the Old English Þunresdæg, "Thunor's Day"[1][2][3] (with loss of -n-, first in northern dialects, from influence of Old Norse Þorsdagr, meaning "Thor's Day"). Thunor and Thor are derived from the Proto-Germanic godThunraz, god of thunder, while German Donnerstag is derived from Donar (see Donar Oak).

Actually, wait, no, that is information about the word Thursday. That won't help you get your season tickets renewed that much faster. Let's learn about that:

BERKELEY - The clock is winding down for football season-ticket holders to renew their seats for the 2013 campaign. To guarantee the same seats owned in 2012 and maintain consecutive years of purchase priority, season-ticket holders must renew by the Thursday, Jan. 31 deadline.

The Cal Gold Standard service team is encouraging all season-ticket holders to renew online by clicking here, or calling (800) GO BEARS (462-3277) and pressing #2 to avoid the rush.

"We're looking forward to a busy week of renewals during this final week of the process," said Kevin Holman, director of customer service and retention. "To better serve our season-ticket holders and make their experience first-class, I recommend renewing now and not waiting until Thursday when we could experience delays. The support, energy and passion from our fans for the 2013 season have been awesome already, and I expect it will continue as we approach this deadline."

In years past, the renewal process occurred in February-April but has moved this year to accommodate a more fan-friendly seat-upgrade process.

Season ticket holders who renew by the Jan. 31 deadline will receive the following benefits:

  • Retention of current seats, or personally change, upgrade or add seats at the optional Select-A-Seat event on Feb. 23-25 at California Memorial Stadium (more information)
  • Priority access to purchase additional Ohio State, USC and bowl game tickets
  • Save on ticket prices compared to single-game ticket prices and fees
  • Personal Gold Standard customer service specialist
  • Option to purchase season-long parking and more Memorial Stadium will play host to an attractive seven-game schedule that begins with three consecutive home games to start the year - Aug. 31 vs. Northwestern, Sept. 7 vs. Portland State and Sept. 14 vs. Ohio State. Homecoming is set for Oct. 5 vs. Washington, while Oregon State (Oct. 19), Arizona (Nov. 2) and USC (Nov. 9) round out the dates in Berkeley.
  • Now, that's what I call basic, question-answering information! If you click here, I think you can log into your CalBears account and renew your ass off. Renew like you've never renewed before (which interestingly would be the literal, tautological case here).

    And there you go. A post is written. GO BEARS!