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Golden Nuggets: Sonny Dykes Talks Recruiting, Says No Current Bears Will Transfer

Sonny Dykes talks about the team's focus on offensive and defensive linemen for the 2013 recruiting class and explains why the staff expressed limited interest in a few Tedford recruits. Best of all, he says no one will transfer despite the coaching change.


Every time I read an interview with Sonny Dykes, I get even more excited about the upcoming season. Coach Dykes recently spoke to Crumpacker about what has been keeping him busy over the past several week. Completing one of his most important tasks, he found a house!

A little less than two months into his new job, Sonny Dykes failed in one of his first objectives as Cal's football coach. He couldn't find a house in Berkeley to his liking, so he expanded his search radius and staked a claim in nearby Piedmont.

That fit Dykes' requirement of finding a place close to Memorial Stadium so that his wife and two young daughters can be at practice in order to foster what the new coach hopes will be a family atmosphere for Cal football.

"I timed it last night. It took me 11 minutes" to get home on surface streets, Dykes said. "That's pretty good."

Dykes shed light on why the staff had limited interest in a handful of Tedford's recruits.

Some of the high school recruits who committed to Cal under former coach Jeff Tedford will not be playing for Dykes.

"We've had to move on from some kids academically who we thought weren't going to be admitted," Dykes said. "We've got to be real careful about the students we bring in here. It's rigorous. It's tough. Guys have got to be well prepared. That's a good thing."

Dykes' goal was to build a class anchored by the offensive and defensive lines. He is pleased with the recruiting class so far. He revealed some great news: none of the current players plan to transfer.

"I think we will have a really strong class," Dykes said. "We had to fill some needs, and I think we did that. We need offensive and defensive linemen, and we filled that. That will be the strength of this class."

In the transition from Tedford to Dykes, a few current players contemplated transferring, but after Dykes talked to them, "not one player" decided to leave.

"I talked to everyone who was considering it or on the verge, and everybody is back," Dykes said. "Players are excited. It is positive."

And finally, Dykes showed that he runs his program with class and dignity, unlike a certain former assistant coach.

Dykes also said he did not encourage any of his former players at Louisiana Tech to consider following their coach to Berkeley, calling it "bad business."

Dykes continues to be a master of PR.






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