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Mike Montgomery Frustrated as Cal Loses Another Winnable Game

Coach Montgomery: "We are missing some toughness, some intelligence, some fundamentals. We just don't have it."

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Montgomery has been frustrated on several occasions following his team's losses this season. This may have been his most frustrating day yet. He talks about what went wrong against the Cardinal, beginning with some factors beyond his team's control.

How bad was the free throw disparity? Only two of Stanford's final 15 points came from the field, and they had just one basket in the final 7:07 of play, yet pulled away throughout that period.

Montgomery said, "It's hard to win when they get twice as many opportunities at the line. I don't think Stanford is very physical, I think that's something Johnny (Dawkins) is worried about. I'm going to have to go back and review what a foul is and what contact is, because I clearly don't understand it now."

Making a huge mental mistake, Richard Solomon fouled Dwight Powell as he shot a three a second before the shot clock expired.

Powell, the game's leading scorer with 17 points, pump-faked Solomon into the air and drew a three-shot foul. Powell converted all three en route to a nine-for-nine afternoon from the charity stripe.

"I wouldn't say surprised (at the foul)," said Powell. "I would say I was glad, I tried to get him off his feet with a pump fake. He's a great shot blocker. Any time you get three it's a momentum booster for our team.

Montgomery was more succinct: 'I don't know how you foul a guy in the three-point area with one second on the shot clock."

The bench had limited contributions today, further frustrating Monty.

In addition to the vast advantage at the free throw line, Stanford enjoyed exponentially more production from their healthy bench than Cal did from their depleted one, with the biggest contribution coming from John Gage, who hit all four three-point shots he took en route to 14 points.

"Well, I'd like to have 26 points off the bench," said Montgomery. "We can't make excuses, I don't have a lot of flexibility. I can't make adjustments. I can't really rest Allen Crabbe, I need him on the floor. We are missing some toughness, some intelligence, some fundamentals. We just don't have it. Bak had a good game the other day, he struggled today. Jeff (Powers)will get a loose ball and take a charge, but he's reluctant to make a play."

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