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Cal Men's Basketball: What are you looking for against Stanford?

Cal's Men's Basketball team heads to Maples to see what they can do about duplicating the Women's Basketball team's incredible victory over our rivals. So heading into the big weekend game, what are you looking for from Cal this weekend?


Kodiak: Against Stanfurd, I'd like to see us play tough defense and really get after it on the glass. The Furds are not a good shooting team, but they are very good at crashing the boards for putbacks. If we can duplicate the team effort we used to shut down Motum on Powell, we'll be in this one. Offensively, I'd like to see better ball movement, better decision-making from Cobbs, and I may very well weep if we start converting four footers.

Vincent S: I want to see defensive effort. Our team is decimated by injuries, and our skill level is what it is. The unknown variable is our communication, effort, and effectiveness on defense. Cobbs should be hounding Chasson Randle. Thurman, Kravish, and Solomon should be making Dwight Powell's life very uncomfortable. Assuming Greenstein isn't reffing, I think our men's team has a great shot at continuing the beating our women's team gave Stanford.

LEastCoastBears: For the second straight weekend, it's time for a Cal basketball team to claim Maples Pavilion as "Bear Territory". Even though we only have one game this week so we can potentially ride our stars for longer, I would love to see continual positive contributions from Bak Bak and Jeff Powers.

NorCalNick: I want to see the defense that Cal brought against Motum, modified as necessary and applied to Dwight Powell. Last week, I feared that we didn't have a defender that could match up with Motum's versatility and guile. This week I fear that we don't have somebody to handle Powell's combo of size and athleticism. This game might be a major test for Richard Solomon as a defender. He actually has the same measureables as Powell. Can he bring against Stanford what he brought against Wazzu? That's the #1 thing I'll be watching when Cal is on defense this Saturday.

BlueandGold15: Given the team's continual struggles on the glass, at the free throw line, and defending three-pointers so far this season, it seems logical that those would be the things I hope to see improvement in this weekend in Palo Alto. A continuation of the strong defensive effort shown against WSU would also be encouraging, and it would be lovely if one of the bench players - whether that's Thurman, Powers, or Bak Bak - could provide some unexpected offense, with Brandon Smith's availability still unsure. Beyond those things, though, I would really like to see a win in general - at 10-7 to our 10-6, Stanford is roughly as good as we are, and with a sizable contingent of Cal fans planning to make the trip down, it shouldn't feel much like a true away game. It's a winnable one...but then again, so was Harvard.

Boomtho: A WIN! Seriously. Johnny Dawkins is probably gone after this year - an indication of how "down" the 'furd is this year. I'm looking for a convincing win with the Bears making Dwight Powell uncomfortable and not letting Andy Brown get hot. After the game, I'm looking for Monty to say "I hated those entitled jerks even when I was in Palo Alto. GO BEARS!"