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BREAKING: Chip Kelly leaves for the Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly is headed to the NFL. Yes, we mean it this time.


Over the past several seasons, Oregon football has been defined and molded by Chip Kelly's no-huddle pace - a sense of urgency that filters down to the way the Ducks practice. But the man who created that system will not be returning to Eugene in 2013, as various reports have come out this morning confirming that Kelly would be leaving to take a head coaching position with the Philadelphia Eagles. What makes this announcement all the more surprising was the fact that Kelly had already turned the job down last week.

The Ducks now appear to be extremely vulnerable, as they must find a new coach 3 weeks before National Signing Day, and whether that ends up being current OC Marc Helfrich, Boise State's Chris Petersen, or whoever else, their position atop the Pac-12 totem pole seems less secure without Kelly running the show.

What are your thoughts Kelly's move - or migration, if you will - east? What implications do you think the move has within the Pac-12? Sound off below.