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Dannon Cavil Flips From Cal To Oklahoma

San Antonio wide receiver Dannon Cavil has made a switch to the Oklahoma Sooners from the California Golden Bears.

Brett Deering


Recruiting. I swear.

If you recall, Cavil flipped from Ole Miss to Cal and was one of Sonny Dykes's first targets after he was hired, going so far as to making an in-home visit in San Antonio only days after getting the job. Cavil seemed like a prototypical Airraid type of receiver--big, strong, possession heavy and a good blocker. He would have been a nice early entry for this class.

However, Cavil has long stated that Oklahoma was his dream school, and the Sooners did that annoying little thing where they sneak in an offer just at the last minute when they're looking for players to fill in their scholarship depth, and Cavil took a visit just days before he enrolled at Cal and saw all that he needed to make the switch. And you all wonder why I dislike Bob Stoops so much.

Whatever. It's happened to us and we've done it to others. Onto the next one!