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Golden Nuggets: Allen Crabbe and the Bears Get Serious About Defense

After Wednesday's loss to UW, the Bears held a meeting and vowed to pick up the hustle and play with more urgency. Allen Crabbe talks about the team's meeting.


After Wednesday's disappointing loss to Washington, the men's basketball team held a meeting to try to solve some of the team's issues. Allen Crabbe reveals a bit of what happened at the meeting.

On the importance of the win today
"After the Washington game, we had a little `Come to Jesus' meeting and we all picked it up on defense. I feel like the defense led to some good offense for us."

On the gist of the `Come to Jesus' meeting
"You have to play hard. You can't come out without the energy. Like David [Kravish] said last week, we went out there with no passion, no heart and it looked like we didn't care. We have to be more serious if we want to make a run in the Pac-12. We need to be successful and we need to play hard in order to do that."

On why Justin Cobbs didn't shoot during the first half
"I guess we wanted to get other players going before he started shooting. He does such a great job of handling the ball."

On the out of sync offense
"We just have to keep working harder on offense. We have to keep getting sharper in practice. We need to execute a lot better in the games. As you said, we have a tendency to get a bit sloppy in the game. I am just glad that we got the win, we really needed it and needed the confidence after the loss against Washington."

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