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Cal Football: Venn Diagram Of Blame

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Hey there! I thought about writing about a thousand words about how Cal's defensive scheme could use a bit of tinkering, about what the new youngsters will have to do today, and maybe give a scouting report on our QBs are performing so far this season. Then I realized after that game all you're probably going to want to ask me about is how much it'd take to match Manny Diaz at Texas, and then I'd get annoyed.

So instead I'm going to make this handy infographic for you about how to react to all this failing you see all around you. You're free to print it out, use it, rip it up, burn it, whatever. But it'll provide you with all the necessary and important life-affirming decisions you'll need to deal with the rest of this season. If at any point you are confused about how to feel about this season, consult the chart.

For the rest of you who want to be a part of the process, please feel free to add to the flow chart. This thing is a work in progress, an organic being that needs nurturing and caring. We cannot neglect it (click for the larger image).

If you want to view it in actual Venn Diagram form (too small to read the way it was on the front page), follow me after the jump and click on the image to view it in full.