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Golden Nuggets: Tedford Discusses the Positives and Negatives from the Bears' Offense

Have you filled out a report card for yesterday's game?

After a frustrating three quarters where the Bears barely managed to hold off the Bears, Cal pulled away in the fourth...before letting Southern Utah pile up some garbage scores. Tedford provided his thoughts on the game:

On Cal's Offensive Errors:
"Penalties, too many penalties. We cannot continue to do that, shoot ourselves in the foot and expect to win close football games. We broke it open in the second half with a lot of big plays, but we are really hurting ourselves a lot. We have to clean that up for sure. We are making positive plays, but shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties. The touchdown got called back, we had a low block. We had a couple holding calls. For the most part, we are making positive plays, but we can't shoot ourselves in the foot like that. There is quite a bit of improvement to be made. The improvement needs to come with what we are doing."

On the Offside Calls on Kicking Plays:
"Our kicker was tip-toeing as our guys tried to get off; we need to address that. It was a timing issue. When you are only five yards away, once you get any momentum going, you have to make sure you aren't across the line early. You'd rather be late than early."

On the Team's Attitude:

"I was encouraged by the way everybody hung in there and kept playing hard. I thought the defense did a nice job in the first half. (Bill) Tyndall played his first game at left tackle. Isi (Sofele) played well. There is still a lot to improve on."

On Cal QB Zach Maynard:
"He missed a couple easy ones. He missed (Eric) Stevens. We had a swing pass to the left that probably would have went a long way. Being sharp is really important."

On Cal WR Chris Harper:
"He is doing really well. He made one play that I was really impressed with. He put his shoulder down and bounced off somebody to spin down the line. He felt terrible about the fumble, but with young guys like that you need to learn how you get hit from the side. You need to expect that. He didn't have the ball out, he wasn't carrying it loosely, but he took a big hit and the ball came out. He felt terrible about it, but it is learning for a young guy."

Nothing groundbreaking from the press conference. We'll see if Tedford makes any official comments on McCain and Rodgers' injuries later in the week. More links after the jump.

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