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Pac-12 Network, Dish Make Deal: Cal Vs. So. Utah Nationally Televised

Good news everyone! Whereever you are in this country, there's a real good chance you should be able to watch your Golden Bears! Starting this week! Today! Against Southern Utah! Exclamation points!!!

DISH and Pac-12 Networks announced today that they have entered into a multi-year agreement making DISH the only satellite provider to offer the sports programming that includes conference football and basketball games. DISH customers will have access to Pac-12 football games starting this weekend.

I've written most of the details over at Pacific Takes, so I'll go over them bullet point style here (go to PT for more details).

  • You must buy the Multi-Sport Pack to watch the channel on your Dish satellite plan.
  • The National Network will be Channel 413 on your remote. Uncertain if it's standard definition or both SD and HD that'll be available.
  • There will be overflow feeds for additional sporting events, which I'm guessing will be at least football and basketball. Channels 445 and 446 are designated for this week's football action.
  • Pac-12 Bay Area (for Cal-specific action like Cal Olympic sports) won't be available on TV, but should eventually be available online or digitally via Pac-12 Now once Dish has it all set up. It might be a few weeks, but after that smooth sailing. Pac-12 Now's digital feeds tend to be top-notch, so even if the channel isn't in high definition this should be plenty good for all of you who want a stopgap until DirecTV signs up.
  • If you don't have Dish, hit up your local sports bars that do. There has to be at least one with Dish!