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Introducing SBNation United! A Thing That Will Soon Exist!

We have some news to announce. At some point in the future, we will all be shifting over to a new, updated look for the site, SBNation United. There will be some changes around here (not all of which I am knowledgeable about at this time). I can talk about a few of them right now, though. The first is that they are synchronizing the logos across the sites. This means that we will have a new logo. Not particularly enthusiastic about this since I really love our logo. There was a lot of back and forth internally to get the new logo as perfect as we could. We had a lot of various options and there was heated debate, but here is the new logo:


I hope you guys like it. I actually wanted to go for a Campanile one that we had, but was outvoted. Oh well. I blame Democracy! The new logos for all 300+ sites (including a water polo site and something called Progressive Boink) are here.

Honestly, though, as sad as it will be to lose our delightful logo, that is a minor cosmetic thing. The fundamental experience of CGB (reading posts, writing posts, discussing things in the comments, being sarcastic) shouldn't change at all. In fact, I believe your experience will improve. Here is why. Right now, we post in a reverse chronological format. That means that the most recent posts are at the top. Our posting schedule tends to put the best posts in the morning slots. We want fresh, high quality content for you people (what do you mean you people!) each morning every morning.

The problem, though, is that there is SO much to talk about, often times, we have multiple posts a day. 2, 3, 4, and even more posts, it can push all the great posts down the page faster and faster. You know how the internet is. The further down people have to scroll, the less they will scroll.

Under SBNation United, there will be a reverse chronological section, but above that on the page will be the Cover (all rights reserved by Facebook). Here, we can highlight several of the best posts or fanposts for that day. That way, if there is a great post or big breaking news item, we can keep it at the top, while also posting other great content. I am VERY excited about this, because it means that you will be able to keep track of all of the content here much easier than now.

So, leave your questions and comments in the comments here. Take a look at those logos. GO BEARS!