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Cal Volleyball debuts on the Pac-12 Networks

Between the yellow net and the blue sky, this picture is surprising Cal-triotic.
Between the yellow net and the blue sky, this picture is surprising Cal-triotic.

TV: Pac-12 Networks (online stream for subscriber only)

Live Stat: Gametracker

Time: 7 PM PT

While the best thing about the Pac-12 Networks is the amount of TV money it will supposedly make for each of the schools in the conference, a nice side-effect is the showcase of the various Olympic sports that Pac-12 have traditionally dominate. As an avid Cal Volleyball supporter who caught the Cal Volleyball bug by watching in person Cal making the leap from an upstart to a perennial top 25 team in the early Naughties, but then the recent ascension to being a title contender on a whole bunch of very low resolution and commentary-less online video streams (follow by the occasion Fox Sports Net tape delayed appearance when the results are already known), it is very exciting to know that most of the Pac-12 conference games will be available on the Pac-12 networks.

Tonight, a very young Cal squad (due to injuries, etc.) makes its home and Pac-12 Networks debut by taking on a touring Chinese club team, Jiangsu, that have already played many of the other top Pac-12 schools. Jiangsu has defeated the defending NCAA champs - UCLA in 5 sets, USC in 4 sets, Stanford in 3 sets, and Arizona in 3 sets. Bears, coming off a potentially rejuvenating upset of then No. 6 Hawaii @ Hawaii, will look to break Jiangsu's dominance over the Pac-12 team while also possibly use this opportunity to experiment different rotation/strategies (maybe Lindsey Parrot gets more run as the setter?).


Relive Cal's triumph over Hawaii after the jump.

Courtesy of the internet, the below is Cal's 5 set thrilling win over Hawaii in its entirety.

Part 1 of 10

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